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  • The first meeting is all about seeing if we are a good fit to work together. We will get to know you and understand why you decided to take the step to meet with a financial advisor in the first place. If we both decide that this might be a good fit, then we will move forward to the strategy phase.

  • No. The relationship we have with our clients goes much deeper than a number.

  • Our fees vary depending on the strategy implemented for the client. This will be disclosed and discussed during our process.

  • Yes, our team is here to serve you! We do not charge when you reach out for questions.

  • Yes, primarily via zoom.

  • Here's what our best clients value the most:

    • Values security and a comfort in their finances.
    • Values an advisor's experience and knowledge.
    • Values saving and living within your means.

    If this sounds like you, then you would be a great fit to work with us.

  • We believe in meeting people where they are. If that means not going through a full financial plan yet, then we will still work with you.

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