It just takes three easy steps to get on the right path to your financial future...

  • Initial Meeting

    During this meeting, we will get to know one another and determine if we would like to work together. If so, we will schedule a follow-up meeting to gather the information we will need to build your financial profile.

  • Information-Gathering Meeting

    During this meeting, we will start to understand your financial goals and collect your financial information. Click here for a document Checklist this checklist is the information we need to ensure a successful first meeting, but more importantly, we will spend time having an in-depth discussion about what you hope to achieve financially in the future (ie. Funding children’s education, desired retirement age, lifestyle during retirement, etc.).

  • Presentation Meeting

    We will review your financial profile with you, discuss any shortfalls, formulate your strategy and take the first steps to implement your strategy.


If necessary, we will schedule a follow-up meeting to review our recommendations, provide additional information, and answer any additional questions you may have.

There is no cost to begin this process. It simply gives us an opportunity to get to know you and develop a partnership based on mutual trust and respect. We feel this is imperative before implementing any specific strategies.


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